The EVY PROFESSIONAL Rebonding Rejuvenation system will permanently straighten curly, frizzy, unruly hair - actually changing its texture to be soft, shiny and incredibly smooth.

With the correct application performed by your certified EVY Technician, you will achieve easy to manage, shiny hair.

The EVY PROFESSIONAL Rebonding System is an advanced formulation containing selected extracts for the ultimate in permanent hair rebonding (straightening) and rejuvenation.


Infused with OLEA EUROPAEA (Olive Oil extract), which contains at least four different antioxidants, also produces LINOLEIC ACID that prevents water from evaporating. This leaves the hair shaft filled with moisture so that no external moisture can create frizz!

IONISED WATER to ensure a perfect inner hydration balance.

Also containing RESVERATROL - the potent antioxidant goodness found in grapes to help fight the ageing process. Together this POWER TRIO will assist in ensuring that hair is not only naturally straight but hydrated, smooth and shiny.



- Olive oil extract for extra silkiness, softness and hydration.

- Ionised water emitting negative ions for inner hydration.

- Resveratrol to help fight the ageing process.

- Straightens the hair permanently, reducing aftercare

and styling.

- Does not contain formaldehyde.







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